I am a West London marketing consultant passionate about helping West London companies accelerate their business growth. I specialise in working with clients that have small to medium-sized businesses in the health and wellness sector. These are generally based in Chiswick, Hammersmith, Ealing, Shepherds Bush and the surrounding areas.

Health and Wellbeing Marketing Consultant

Why hire a local marketing consultant?

There are a number of benefits of using a local West London marketing consultant, like myself.  First of all, and one of the most important, is that I have a network of great local suppliers.  They are tried and tested and also importantly great value (not paying central London agency prices!).  Many of whom I use for my own projects.  Its always great to work with local suppliers, not only to support local businesses in your area but more importantly its really easy for everyone to meet up in person.

I am able to introduce clients and potential clients to lots of relevant local partners, which is a really nice value-add.  Not only am I helping them with their marketing, but I can introduce them to local accountants, lawyers, virtual assistants – whatever additional business help they might need.

Having run my own business, I have lots of learning and expertise that I can bring to the table.  I help others achieve growth through marketing but also I can offer additional business expertise.  There is a lot of experience that I have had from setting up, running and selling multiple businesses.

My West London clientele

I tend to work with businesses that know that they need some high-level marketing support but don’t want a full-time marketing director (and can’t afford one).  Most of my clients are already doing some form of marketing but they want to put more structure in place.  They have generally grown their business to a good size, mainly through having a fantastic product or service offering and great relationships.

I am currently working with a design and branding agency based in Hammersmith. Another one of my passions is health and wellbeing.  I work (and have worked with) a number of individuals and businesses in this area.  This includes nutritionists, yoga teachers and Tonic365 who provide health and wellbeing initiatives to corporates.

We work together and after a number of one-to-one sessions, I am able to help them firm up their marketing strategy.

  • Marketing Strategy and creating a marketing plan, marketing calendar, and budget
  • Put in place a reporting system so that all marketing channels can be measured effectively
  • And review these results monthly with the client and optimise the campaigns accordingly.  If a particular channel is working well we will look to expand that activity.  If something is not bringing in the right results we will look to tweak that campaign.  That might be perhaps testing different targeting, creative or messaging
  • Introduction to tried and test suppliers. Many clients tell me that they have been ripped off in the past by agencies or freelancers who have promised the earth and delivered nothing!

Have a look here at the full list of marketing services that I offer

Why I Love West London!

Another reason why I have chosen to focus on West London is purely selfish: I love being able to walk or cycle to meetings. It is such a joy compared to getting the tube into central London.  It’s great to be able to cycle through the parks and meet with clients on Chiswick High Road (favourites being Chateau Dessert or High Road House) or meet somewhere in Hammersmith like The Lyric which has a great outdoor roof garden.  I also have 4 kids and I want to be able to take them to school sometimes, so if my meetings are local, it means that I can do that, which is important for me.

I love walking and find it great for meetings. One of my friends that runs a creative agency told me that a walking meeting is 50% more productive in terms of brain power, and I agree!  Many health and wellbeing experts that I’ve interviewed for Feel Great Podcast have spoken about the key benefits of getting outside and walking.  It’s great to be able to walk along the river from Hammersmith to Chiswick, or pop down to Shepherds Bush and catch up in one of the great cafes nearby. The added bonus is that I clock up my 10K steps for the day, which otherwise can be rather a challenge.

Health and Wellbeing Marketing Consultant

West London Networking

I am a member of the West London Athena Network. It’s a great way to meet other local businesses, all female business owners and entrepreneurs, living or working locally.  We meet once and month and are there to support each other and build strategic connections. I have created some fantastic connections that really help me in my role as a marketing consultant for West London businesses because I work with them to implement the tactics that I recommend.  For example, we have a great photographer, SEO expert and branding designer.  I really love being part of this network as it means that I too have been able to get more involved in my local community and helping businesses in my area.

And yes, I will get on the tube and travel if I have to, but ideally, I stick to what I love!  I’m lucky to be in a position that I currently most of my clients are local to West London.