I work with lots of clients that have many marketing questions  – whether they could be doing things better, whether they are spending their money wisely, and what their marketing mix should look like.  Helping businesses to make sure that they are not wasting money on marketing that isn’t working is my job and my passion.

I love answering all those marketing questions that you might have. Those are just a few.

“I can be trusted to quickly get to grips with your business and assess it objectively to locate key areas of improvement. I’ll be completely honest about what works, what doesn’t and what – if anything – your competitors are doing better than you! I’ll inject fresh ideas, creativity and know-how; while working seamlessly with you and your team to add value and deliver tangible results.”

38 marketing questions

Some marketing questions that clients have… that I love sorting out.

I don’t know…

  • how to set a marketing budget.
  • who my profitable customers are.
  • how to find more profitable customers.
  • what digital channels I should be using.
  • how to measure my marketing.
  • what metrics I should be measuring.
  • know what metrics are!
  • what content to write about.
  • how to put together a marketing calendar.
  • if I need PR.
  • how to find the right PR freelancer
  • how to measure my PR’s success.
  • what my competitors are doing well/badly?
  • how to put together a marketing strategy.
  • what my USP or brand promise is.
  • whether I am spending my marketing budget effectively.
  • how to find companies to partner with.
  • what my company values are.
  • how I can do a better job of keeping existing customers.
  • what opportunities exist in this market.
  • how to create engaging content that is relevant to my audience.
  • who the key influencers in my industry are. 
  • how to outsource marketing channels effectively.
  • if it’s worth the time to enter awards.
  • whether my website is correctly optimised.
  • how I can get more traffic from SEO.
  • if I’m spending my media budget effectively. 
  • how to work out what it costs me to acquire a new customer. 
  • which marketing messages are the most effective
  • how to go about creating video content.
  • if the money I’m spending is targeting the right audience. 



I need …

  • help with my SWOT analysis and finding areas for growth.
  • planning marketing campaigns and implementing them.
  • my website reviewed to see how it could work better
  • a marketing director but can’t afford one full time.
  • to work out how to expand my business effectively.
  • to know what my customer is worth to me (Customer lifetime value)
  • do I need Google Analytics?
  • what about the Facebook Pixel?

Emmie-Faust-Marketing-ServicesDo you have any marketing questions? If these sound similar to your issues and you need a strong, capable, adaptable and trustworthy marketing consultant with a proven track record, let’s talk, get in touch.