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I love strategic partnerships – finding partners or brands that you can collaborate or work with is such a fab idea.  It’s also one which is generally really good value for money.

Here are a couple of ideas for ways that you can partner together:

  • Creating shared content for your users – e.g. writing blog posts for each other that would add value to the partner’s customers/readers
  • A competition where both brands offer something up in the giveaway and both promote to their databases via social media, in-store and email newsletter.
  • A joint collaboration when customers get to buy something from 2 different brands as part of a special promotion/ event – potentially this bundle is a better deal than it would be if they purchased both separately.

A Great Example of a Strategic Partnership

Louisa from Cook Folk came to one of my recent marketing workshops where we covered the basics of finding the right prospects, getting leads to know, like and trust you and finally looking after your customers so that they want to keep buying from you (and tell all their friends about you).  She has a fab service which is cookery workshops which she runs from Acton. I have done a number of private sessions and workshops with her which I love. I was so happy to see this very cool collaboration that she has done with a strategic partner, Basil and Tom’s. They are a relatively new greengrocer on Churchfield road that has started doing veg boxes (which must be in much demand especially now that people are so concerned about plastic and also want to shop local).

The problem, Louisa was explaining, is that most people don’t know what to cook with all the seasonal veg that they get in their veg box so often some of it can go to waste, or people are put off from getting them. Anyway, they have come up with a great partnership where Louisa is offering discounted workshops to Basil and Tom’s customers for her veg box workshop. They get a postcard in their bag when they buy something from the shop. She has done a series of videos on Instagram for them.  They both have similar ideal customers – people living locally that are interested in good food, cooking, and want to support local businesses.

A Great Example of A Strategic Partnership

Partnerships are a great way to work with another brand or company when you have a similar audience or ideal customers.  Think about what other brands your customers might buy from that have the same values as you do. They could sell complementary products, or they could sell a product or service that your customer would buy before or after they buy from you.

For example, I work very closely with a branding specialist, some copywriters, and a website designer. This is because most of the time my clients are going to need those services around the same time that they use me.  I want to have someone good that I can recommend my clients too.

Everyone always wants to have tried and trusted partners that they can recommend to their customers.  So get out there, get networking, get in touch with brands and people that you could partner with. Either just reach out and say hi and start a conversation or go to local networking or business events and try and connect with people in that way.