I’m the marketing expert for founders of lifestyle and wellbeing companies 🌿 who want to scale and grow.

Work With ME

I’m Emmie and this is why you should choose me

I secured £200K in investment for my first business and it failed. It felt hard at the time but now I realise it was a blessing.

I then set up and scaled 3 businesses in the media/ marketing sector. One was sold for a 7 figure sum - so I'm great at exit strategies too!

I understand the challenges of running a company - the highs and the lows!

I have overseen global marketing campaigns for brands like Groupon, Mr & Mrs Smith, La Senza and Sky.

I have saved clients hundreds of thousands of pounds by identifying the exact activities that were not delivering a return.

I will share my network of tried and tested suppliers that I have been working with over the last 20 years.

I love measurement, reporting and analysing results. That's super important if you want to scale a business.

I'm passionate about health and wellbeing


To enable health and wellness founders to grow a business they love through strategic marketing expertise, connections, and advice so they focus on making a difference without wasting resources in the wrong places.


I promise to show you how to find profitable customers and grow your business.

I promise to add value at every point along the way.

I promise that working with me will be a process that is clear and simple.

I promise that I will be honest when working with you and your business, even if its a difficult conversation.

I promise to be your trusted partner.

I promise that you will feel invigorated and excited about your business.

I promise that working with me will be fun and enjoyable.

I promise that I will care a lot more than any other business/marketing consultant you have worked with.


  • Working with clients who have amazing companies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Pilates and Yoga
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Walking Meetings
  • Hanging out with my 4 kids and husband
  • Podcasting and listening to podcasts
  • Collaboration with inspiring people