I SET up feel great marketing to Offer Marketing and Business strategy to companies in the advertising and marketing space

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20 years marketing experience

I have worked in the marketing and media industry for over 20 years, many of those years focusing on digital.

During this time, I have worked in a number of marketing functions in many different industries.   This includes travel, beauty, health and wellbeing, retail, gaming, dating, finance, and the B2B sector.

In the past I have worked on campaigns for global brands like Sky, Groupon, La Senza and Visit Estonia.  I have also worked with much smaller companies as a local business marketing consultant.  I love working with local businesses as I can cycle or walk to my meetings!

Specialising in the advertising and media sectors means that I can bring my wealth of expertise from running my own businesses.

Feel Great Marketing - Local Business Marketing Consultant

In terms of  marketing and digital expertise here are a few things that I have done (other than managing multi million £ budgets for global clients year after year!)

After I did the blogging course I set up a wedding blog which within a year had over 25K monthly visitors and nearly 5,000 twitter followers.  I set this up on maternity leave with baby no. 1, but stopped writing it when I was back in the swing of running multiple companies and I just couldn’t do it all!  However it taught me a lot about blogging, SEO and social media, which was the purpose of doing it anyway.