Helping health and wellbeing businesses get more leads and make more sales




Are you spending a £100k or more a year on your marketing?

If so you are in the right place.

Is your marketing bringing you a guaranteed flow of leads and sales?  

If no then I can help you. 


I’m a marketing expert helping founders of health and wellbeing brands 🌿 who want to scale and grow.


Grow your business so you can make an impact and a profit.

Get profitable customers not just any customers

Save money by identifying what's not working (for some clients that has been £100K+)

Have a strategy and a plan in place so you save time by focusing on what matters

Measure your marketing properly so you can see where there is potential for growth.


Emmie is a brilliant marketing consultant as well as providing us with insightful business guidance and strategy advice. We really value having her as part of our wider team – she’s been a massive help over recent months and we look forward to working with her much more in the future.

Jeff Archer, Founder, Tonic 365

What an amazing marketing strategy session with the brilliant Emmie Faust who helped me see the light in terms of where and how I should be focusing my attention that is realistic and very doable within my time constraints as a Mum with 4 kids trying to build my nutrition business. I’m so excited to get going and couldn’t get enough of her fab ideas. 

Georgie Robertson, Nutritionist, GR Nutrition

I have absolutely loved working with Emmie. She is one of the most efficient and organised individuals I have ever met. She created an incredibly thorough and helpful marketing plan for our company, and continues to assist with digital strategy. She has been an invaluable part of nourishing and growing our business model.

Annelie Whitfield, Founder, Ancient + Brave


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